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Curry Hut

A menu featuring regional Indian dishes & a lunch buffet in a casual setting with vibrant decor.

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2810 Washington Road

Phone Number

(706) 922 -4616

Delivery Hours

11:30AM - 2:00PM
5:00PM - 9:00PM
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Soups and Salads

Tandoori Breads


Rice Varieties

Goes great with curry!


Attention Customers

Dine-in prices may vary. Not all menu items may be available for delivery. If you need assistance with your order, please call us at (706) 414-8033.

Tandoor & Kebab Specials

Non-Vegetable Dishes

With a small upcharge you can add a side of Rice

Vegetable Entrees

With a small upcharge you can add a side of Rice .

Aloo Gobhi


A favorite Indian dish made with cauliflower, potatoes, & Indian spices

Paneer Makhani


Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in rich tomato gravy

Kadhai Paneer


Cottage cheese cooked with tomato and onions in a Kadhai (wok)

Paneer Tikka Masala


Cottage cheese cooked in rich onion and tomato gravy - Our favorite!

Saag Paneer


Cottage cheese cooked with spinach

Paneer Bhurjhi


Fresh cottage cheese cooked with cumin seeds & tomatoes

Channa Masala


Healthy mixture of chickpeas, tomatoes, onions.

Channa Saag


Spinach cooked with chickpeas, onions and tomatoes

Eggplant Masala


Delicious eggplant cooked in rich tomato onion sauce

Eggplant Bhutha


Roasted eggplant cooked with tomato & onions and seasoned with turmeric, ginger, garlic, & cumin - A North Indian delicacy



Fresh okra saut ed with ginger, cumin seeds, onions, & tomatoes

Jeera Aloo


Typical vegetarian dish made with potatoes, cumin seeds, red chili powder, ginger, coriander powder and curry leaves

Matar Mushroom


Fresh mushroom with green peas in delicious onion and tomato gravy, sauteed with ginger and garlic

Malai Kofta


Vegetable balls in rich creamy sauce

Dal Makhani


Black lentils and kidney beans slowly simmered for hours in a very aromatic buttery creamy tomato sauce

Dal Tadka


Yellow lentils tempered with ginger, garlic, onions, & curry leaves

Palak Ki Dal


Yellow lentils cooked with spinach, ginger, garlic, onions and cumin seeds.

Chettinadh Vehetable Curry


Hot & spicy Southern Indian dish cooked in tangy sauce

Weekly Specials

Check in every month for new specials

Curry Hut Specials

Southern India Specialties

Served with Sambar and Chutney

Indo- Chinese Specialties

With a small upcharge you can add a side of Rice


A world-renowned Indian dish, biryani long grained basmati rice flavored with exotic spices and choice of meat.

Lamb/Goat Specialties

Seafood - Fish/Shrimp

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Lunch Hours

Mon thru Fri11:00 - 3:30
Saturday11:00 - 3:30
Sunday11:00 - 3:30

Dinner Hours

Mon thru Fri3:30 - 9:30
Saturday3:30 - 9:30
Sunday3:30 - 9:30


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